13 Dec 2015

On The Wish List

Christmas has sprung upon us once again, whether we are ready or not! In turn with the festive season comes the time to think of presents to purchase and place under the Christmas tree. For some this can be a daunting process and is often left to the last minute, procrastination purchasing!

Not all presents require a large amount to be spent and I find the best way to prepare yourself for Christmas is by first making a list of your recipients and then working out your budget for spendings.

Researching on the internet before hitting the stores is a fundamental piece of the puzzle to reduce frustration and impulse spendings when in store. By having even just a rough idea of what you are looking for can speed up your time spent amongst the crowds and also allows retail assistants to help you in finding the right gift.

Sharing is the spirit of the season, so below are a few of the pieces that I have found in my travels.

A great gift idea from Mecca knowing you aren't just buying for a loved one but are also helping out women and young girls for The Hunger Project.

For the guy in your life with the lumberjack beard, Hair House Warehouse have a great gift pack for the male in your life that takes pride in his manscaping.

Twenty sixteen is nearly upon us, for the organisational type amongst family and friends this gorgeous 2016 Diary from the Collective Hub is a perfect addition to go under the Christmas tree.

Christmas is all about giving and our animal friends also need love and care not only at this time but all year round. Edgar's Mission are an amazing gift idea for children and adults alike, becoming a best buddy will be the gift that keeps on giving all year round by sponsoring an animal in need.