27 May 2014

Snap Shot Of Style

Outfit Styling:

Quilted Texture Crop Jumper : Portmans
Necklace : Portmans
Sheer Blouse : Portmans
Lace skirt : Portmans
Shoes : Wittner
Ring : Samantha Wills

15 May 2014

Monochrome Master Class

As the cooler season is fast approaching, our style will soon be enveloping the layering effect.

This A/W there are so many eclectic choices for our Winter wardrobe one may feel a little overwhelmed with the options layed out on display after display.

Me personally, I'm a monochromatic lover season after season. These are great pieces to start your winter wardrobe with as not only will it be a staple item for your Wardrobe but their are endless options for styling with B &W.

If you are opting for a dramatic monochrome style, focus on balance by contrasting your items. With the look below, the style is balanced by creating the contrast between the bottom look with the top by delivering a centrally block coloured base with a statement top in the contrasting colour (mainly black based bottom, with a white based top). Complement your look with a block toned vest or jacket and creating a well balanced look.

For a little monochromatic detail opt for accessory pieces to create your standout statement in shoes, bags or jewellery.

Outfit below : Portmans

                                  Step out in your Autumn Winter threads this weekend with style!

1 May 2014

The Next Chapter

Well seems it has a been a little while between posts friends!!

The last 5 months have been filled with many new, exciting and to be completely honest overwhelming moments all leading on to the next chapter for OSE.

A girl has to keep a few things secret, so I am not just yet going to share all my new ventures with you! beyond exciting and empowering event I had the opportunity to share in was....Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney last month.

I was accepted as a volunteer for the the week long event and was lucky enough to be scheduled on for  Weekend Edition as well. 

So I packed my bags and hopped on a jet plane for the 7 day event, as my stomach churned with excitement and thoughts turned to the unknown. 

Stepping into Carriageworks for the first time was amazing. The detail and architecture of the old railway building oozed with history and brimmed with stories waiting to be told.

I won't go into every story and detail over the week where I was lucky enough to witness and be apart of the backstage action, dressing for amazing designers, working for inspirational head dressers and dressing gorgeous models.  I also got the opportunity to prep for front of house and usher guests, obsessing over their amazing wares as they walked by. Sitting in the photographer pit for the Weekend Edition was definitely a highlight and being able to view the models from that area was amazing.

Moments that will forever be etched in my memory are simply seeing fashion icons such as Carla Zampatti, Nicole Warne, Jackie Frank, Margaret Zhang, Susie Bubble, How To Live, Tash & Elle (They All Hate Us), Samantha Harris, Ruby Rose and so many more. 

There are endless stories I could share but sometimes words just don't do them justice.

Weekend Edition

Ixiah The Label <Back Of House>