12 Aug 2013

Fractured Fashion

Fashion styling took a somewhat slight turn for this little fashionista last week and an addition to my shoe collection that I was most definitely not anticipating...

Enter the moon boot.....

This little beauty is due to come off in a couple weeks time - but until then I am determined to style the heck out of it!

For my fellow friends that are or have found themselves in this predicament here's a few tips on how I am moon walking my way through the day!

I have been treating this accessory piece as a tall winter boot and have styled it as I would any other. Tights and dresses are still key for this Springish weather.

As the boot is a firm fit have been opting for tights, ponte fabric pants and for those days lounging around a slightly loose styled pant. Pairing with obvious flat shoes with a slightly thicker heel to ensure both legs are even height.

Counting down the days till I part ways with my new found friend!

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