25 Jul 2014

Magazine Moguls

Imagery, wording and the impressionable façade of a fashion magazine is the key purpose to delving into the chic, sophisticated world of print and engaging its audience and demographic.
Vogue has been at the forefront of the magazine moguls worldwide and delivers these figures with reason and stance in their structure and content. Encompassing a growth of readers between 25-40 Vogue has edition after edition surfaced with a fresh new look enticing their followers to download that issue or purchase their latest musings in print.
The July edition delivers a chic and slightly sensual cover capturing Miranda with subtle elegance with a taste of yesteryear in the soft hues and brooch detailing. The back drop of the cover is balanced to perfection with the different tones of colourings with the mix of different style of fonts.
Miranda is an eloquent figure with the fashion industry as is Vogue, pairing of these two dynamites was sure to deliver an issue that just needs to be viewed.

Fashion in review is delivered seamlessly and reported to its wide range demographic of 18-39 for the Elle woman.
A magazine with purpose to differentiate from their fellow industry counter parts with unique edgy covers. July edition of Nicole Ritchie delivers both of these tones with a killer statement outfit softened by the quietly spoken hues of pink.
Contrast in the headings from texts and styles broadens the eye to all locations of the page and captures the readers attention.
Nicole Ritchie is a fashion icon within herself and mixed with the fresh faced Elle incorporates all the prerequisites of being an Elle woman!

Harper's Bazaar exudes sophistication and chic from days gone by ensuring their May 2014 edition presented these iconic characteristics that Harper's is renowned for. 
A perfect collaboration delivering the wants and needs of their 25-39 demographic in female force and the luxury of the high end fashion labels.
 Placement of the image with underlying soft hues portrays a ladylike agenda with a force to be reckoned with in simplistic yet empowering pieces in the styling.


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