18 Aug 2014

Tales From The Vault

College life is drawing to an end and find the time now to reflect on the past seven months of being inspired and influenced by the numerous teachers that have stepped into our classroom.

Laura and Danielle from The Vault Online are both of these defining characteristics by producing a lesson filled with personal trials and tribulations on following their dreams and the journey they both took to reach them.

The Vault Online is a passion that developed into the trend setting website documenting not only their personal style but an innovative format for readers to access products straight from their site.

Delivering continued on-trend style tips and advice allows the former stylists to be at the forefront of the fashion pack delivering personal style looks for their readers each week. The diverse taste and style between the pair ensures to deliver an eclectic choice of wares as well as price range.

Laura's Must Haves as can be viewed on the Vault's website.

                                                 Dani's must haves can also be viewed on the website.
If you haven't yet delved into the fashionable world of the Vault Online, do yourself a favour and check it out!

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