16 Sep 2014

Stylist Spotlight : Cher Coulter

Cher Coulter is a name to withstand the days and years of the forever changing fashion world that we have all grown accustomed to as a stylist. From her early beginnings of fascination with colours and illustration in her early teens saw her focus in the field turn to studying fashion design in London before developing her clothing line. 

Her rise to fame began when she ventured to LA to showcase her wares to Flaunt Magazine and from there was asked to style the front cover edition with her old friend, Orlando Bloom on it. The rest is truly history with many celebrity covers at the hands of her talented style from Jessica Biel, Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller.

Her branding drew further a field when she and friend/client Kate Bosworth merged their sense of style into their own jewellery line, Jewel Mint.

Simple, eclectic styling of Coulter appeals to the range of style icons regardless of their celebrity stature from Rosie Hunting-Whitely or Elizabeth Olsen and for this reason I really find her style to be welcoming and fresh from delivering event wear to street style.

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