11 Jun 2014

An Ode To History

 Coco Chanel shall her name forever be held with phrases and styles of such class and sophistication. An icon forever to be remembered within the industry as a dynamic mind, always at the forefront of design. Coco Chanel was the epitome of fashion and her style and personal flare immersed itself through all of her workings.

Her early creations delivered cutting edge pieces that left her critics in awe of her inspiring collections. 1954 saw the introduction of her Suit Designs recreating how women dressed for their every day lives. The Chanel Suit has transcended from post war into the current fashion circle of now, being tweaked and reintroduced in inspiring pieces, yet still delivering the suit with intricate detailing and  cementing the ideal of the true sophistication and class Chanel brought to the fashion world that regardless of the ages that pass, women have continued to embrace this design and style throughout time. The structured cut, regardless of the style produced is always clean and structured in the lines effectively delivering an iconic Chanel look time and time again. Textures often used that represent the brand are tweed and soft finishings such as wool, pearls and lace.



Christian Dior enhanced the female silhouette creating dramatic lines and structure through his Spring Summer collection in 1947 resounding "The New Look" for women post War times enveloping their bodies in yards of exquisite fabrics, drawing attention to their womanly curves. Dior will always resonate in the fashion world as creating a feminine silhouette for women of the then and now, inspiring endless designers to partake in their own creations delivering statement pieces in today's fashion circles. These images epitomize the makings of a Dior piece through their structure and strong silhouette.


Prada's luxury handbags are timeless pieces that resonate as one of the icons of the fashion world, enduring many decades filled with hardships and war delivering a light of inspiration through such times with such simplicity in their designs and branding. Structure, clean cut lines and simplicity are all elements that exist in the creation of Prada collections showcased in their handbags. Smooth texture and tagging are among other traits iconic to the Prada label.


Another luxury label renowned for producing high end accessory pieces throughout the years is Louis Vitton. Travel luggage, clutches, handbags are to name just a few of the items in their collections. The trademark design for Louis Vitton's pattern and logo is one that sets the brand in a steadfast position in the fashion world. The images below showcase how the branding of this item dictates the world of fashion with two simple initials or by the infamous design that is known as Louis Vitton.

 Ralph Lauren is that of a versatile brand. Their iconic polo horse logo is one that transfers from collection to collection, continually delivering the aesthetic of preppy, polished and a professional facade. A well tailored and structured piece resonates with the brands stigma and promotes the Ralph Lauren name with class and sophistication through all of their collections as seen in the images below.


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