26 Jun 2014

Spotlight || Style Icons||

A fashion icon is a term that can be spoken of with true admiration and inspiration. 

In the fashion forward world of today there are endless visions of style and chicness that our lives are being immersed in everyday from street style, red carpet, photo shoots and campaigns - the inspiration is continual.

Personally for me my love of simplicity, texture and neutrals engages my love of style further and based on these key fundamentals....let me introduce you to my favourite style icons of twenty fourteen! 

Alexa Chung refuses to deliver a look that does not seem to consist of effortlessly classic chic, delivering a simple nude trench underlined with crisp white shorts and blouse.  Her carefree yet dominating presence in the fashion industry resounds the feeling of an approachable laid back style, showcasing a love for a classic styled collar and knit. The soft styling to her looks are enviable regardless of her attire from wearing a neutral toned cable knit sweater to the texturing of a black leather jacket. Her latest editorial campaign for Longchamp A/W 2014 collection coincides with her fashion image perfectly with their soft neutral tones and simplistic styles.

Sweet innocence of the girl next door, Margot Robbie, is consistently at the forefront of the fashion scene world wide. Regardless of the fact that she is now based in the States, this home grown beauty continues to embrace the talent on her home soil by representing Australian labels in her daily wear. Margot delivers stunning looks with ease regardless of whether that may be a simple stripe dress and flats or a play on prints with a check dress and leopard print coat. Texture and tones are an emphasis on her style showing that she is not afraid to step outside of the box. Red carpet appearances ensure the media and world are kept on their toes from the awe dropping Gucci gown she wore at the Golden Globes to delivering a brunette in Yves Saint Laurent at the Oscars just months apart! Her grounded persona shines through in her fashion, with on trend style and sophistication.

Endless class and chic is the balance and centre of fashion icon Emma Stone's enviable looks. From a classic cut soft blue A-line based skirt and crop top with contrasting embellishments to a vision from yesteryear on the red carpet for her latest movie, Emma ceases to disappoint always ensuring to deliver that head turning outfit for all the right reasons. Off duty looks are seamless in their effortless chic appearance, keeping with trends yet not feeling the need to summon to the fashion world of must haves. Her warm, welcoming attitude transfers across to her style and as I write this find myself not limited to words that can describe her looks that don't consist of flattery and daily inspiration.

Elizabeth Olsen has stepped out from behind the shadows of her infamous twin sisters with purpose and poise delivering her own eclectic style and taste. Elizabeth's wares are unique and yet they may appear unstructured and unrelated to some, her underlying fierce attitude balances the unlikely pair. The textures and tones entwined in her pieces appear so effortless and individual whether that be a feather textured skirt paired with a metallic toned jumper to delivering a subtle yet statement piece in a embellished long sleeve shift dress with the same effortlessly chic aurora! 

A name that needs no introduction, nor her style. Olivia Palermo is honestly beyond trend forecasting and delivers looks and pieces that will see herself set the next big craze alight! Style savvy, a woman that knows what she likes and refuses to get it wrong! Her style truly speaks for itself oozing effortless chic while taking risks with prints, patterns, textures and styles. Her subtle sophisticated manner resounds in her outfits and what designer would not want to showcase their wares on such a human. 


  1. Have you seen Olivia Palermo's wedding dress/three-piece? So divine and classic, I love her!

  2. I did, I did! How devine did she look!!