19 Jun 2014

Australian Empire

                                 TONI MATICEVSKI

Toni Maticevski fluently expresses his vision and desires through the softly spoken hues and tones chosen for his collections. Effortlessly producing strong embodied layering in the creations yet contrasting with strong silhouette lines determined by dramatic disciplines in the cuts and placement of material. Renowned for his perception of style and intricate detailing with feminine yet bold lines through textures and draping.


Free-spirited, dynamic and ardent are all common traits that spring to the forefront in respect to the Camilla label. Destined to inspire and embark a woman's journey into the fashion forward world with a strong and confident aurora, Camilla endeavours to embrace her love from the theatre and fashion delivering free flowing, unique printed pieces time and time again. Camilla's  launch of her Kaftan collection resounded in success and to this day is well known for these gorgeous printed pieces.


Softly diffused hues and tones with a faintly feminine presence allows ones trained eye to undertake the gorgeous workings of a Zimmermann creation from across the room. Subtle, floral, delicate prints and definitive line placement ensues the brand is recognised by these small traits. A perfect combination of femininity infused with definition and an asserting silhouette with unique prints reverberates the label's vision that is Zimmermann. 



A spirited essence flows through creations from Ginger and Smart delving into distinctive patterns and textures deriving inspiration collection after collection for their aesthetic that desire the need to establish their own individuality. 



Bold, geometric prints and patterns are the vibrant energy that exudes from the Talulah label. Renowned for their colour injection to their collections through striking cuts and styles delivering on trend pieces season after season.

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